The Jurassic Parks

Welcome to the unlikely setting of Lyme Regis Community Centre, where the Park Family – Terry, Jade, and Noah – embark on a journey to a misty past. Where, when things go wrong, family feuds are faced with the rapturous roar of DIY dinosaurs. This laugh-out-loud spin on Spielberg’s classic is a theatrical celebration of cinematic nostalgia and a moving reminder of the ones we love…

Mars Actually

By the light of the Sun By the gaze of the moons We stand together As red planet dwellers Wiser for the errors Of our Earthly ancestors
With truth, love and care We breathe without air.
Superbolt Theatre premiere their kaleidoscopic vision of life on Mars at VAULT 2017. Physical, funny, and surreal.

The Uncanny Valley

Wilson is trapped. The city leaves him lost between the lines. Until the moment he discovers Her. Eyes light up, connections are made and deep inside a dormant chest a battery heart begins to beat…


In the 1960’s an underground coal fire was sparked by an accident. Twenty years later the fire was still burning and the inhabitants of Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA, were forced to relocate. Three people refused to leave…

Piatto Finale

In the depths of Moscow stands an old opera house, desperately clinging to its former days of glory. Curious how a little death can inject life into a place, three unlikely heroes go on a quest to find Piatto Finale, a legendary piece of music unheard by human ears…


Three Weeks