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a masterclass in storytelling and characterisation

The Jurassic Parks

Welcome to the unlikely setting of Lyme Regis Community Centre, where the Park Family – Terry, Jade and Noah – embark on a journey to a misty past. Where, when things go wrong, family feuds are faced with the rapturous roar of DIY dinosaurs. This laugh-out-loud spin on Spielberg’s classic is a theatrical celebration of cinematic nostalgia and a moving reminder of the ones we love.

Enter a lost world of prehistoric proportions, where the past and present entwine like a strand of DNA. Dare to visit an ancient island driven by dollars and dinosaurs. But what really happened off the west coast of Costa Rica in 1989? There have been numerous stories, countless rumours, a few films and couple of books… But now Superbolt have excavated the truth!

An epic adventure of show-stopping, spine-tingling theatrics and megalithic mayhem.

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