Adelaide Fringe Reflections

We are here performing at the Adelaide Fringe, the largest arts festival in the southern hemisphere, enjoying the perks of this blissful Australian climate! This is the farthest Superbolt has travelled (as a company and individually!) and we really are having the experience of a lifetime. So many new people,

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Adelaide Fringe Shows to See

G’day all! We’re are absolutely buzzing to be here in Australia and are so excited for the Adelaide Fringe Festival to kick off!! We arrived in Adelaide to beautiful accommodation after two wickedly long flights that were full movies, food and sleep. We’ve spent today rehearsing the show, creating a special

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Christmas Shows To See

As the Christmas Season is now upon us we thought it would be nice if we did a little round up of the shows we think are well worth the winter trip into their warm worlds of theatrical magic. So without further ado here are our Christmas Shows to See!

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   Even if you’re one of the lucky few who might earn some money at the Fringe (I’m told they exist), chances are you won’t be seeing that money until several weeks, even months, until after the festival is plan ahead.   

Simon’s 7 Frugal Fringe Tips: How to leave the Edinburgh Festival with some actual money in your bank account

Hi everyone! Simon here from Superbolt. I thought I’d write this blog post because some people may benefit from its content. This year’s Fringe is almost over so this might be too little too late, but hopefully its lessons can be referred to in the future. Superbolt have done the

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   This would be my top tip for anyone surviving the fringe: Make friends and support other people’s work. It might sound like a perfectly natural and obvious thing to do, but actually it can feel a bit contradictory in this seemingly extremely competitive climate...   

Midway Fringe Reflections: Friends, Organisation and Twitter

When at the Edinburgh Fringe, time doesn’t seem to flow in the same way as it does back home, at least not for me! It simultaneously flies by and yet so much happens in a day (well, so much needs to be packed in! #flyering #hairstyling #lunch). The roller coaster

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Postcards from the Fringe, Superbolt Theatre, Jurassic Park, Simon Maeder

Jurassic Park Sold Out AUG 08 & 09.

Thank you to all the great audiences who came along to see Jurassic Park at the weekend. We are overwhelmed by the response. It’s been such a pleasure to play to such packed houses. We’re here all month, so we hope to see many more of you for the Park

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